EMBO practical course on protein-lipid interactions in Helsinki

ProLipids, together with Patricia Bassereau from Institut Curie, Ünal Coskun from Paul Langerhans Institute Dresden and Atte Sillanpää from CSC, organized the EMBO practical course “Protein-lipid interactions: Advanced experimental and computational tools” in Helsinki during 02 – 09 July 2017.


The international group of 20 participants consisted of PhD-students and postdocs representing 14 nationalities.

lab The course offered a combination of lectures by top experts in the field, practical work on experimental methods and on computational approaches to study lipid-protein interactions.


The participants were introduced to advanced biochemical, biophysical and imaging-based methods of experimental protein-lipid analysis during the four days of laboratory practicals. The fifth day of practicals was dedicated to the basics of molecular dynamics simulations and how those can be applied to study the protein-lipid-interactions. MPOD1_group Picture taken by Sami Ilvonen, CSC

A participant´s view to the course: read Arne Raasakka´s story in the Norsk Biokjemisk Selskap online magazine NBS-Nytt (2017) 3:30-31.