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ProLipids annual meeting 2015

The ProLipids annual meeting 2015 took place at the Tampere University of Technology on Thursday, February 5. This time, several collaborative projects were presented as combined efforts of the experimental and computational researchers involved. The programme also included a guided tour at TUT for the participants from Helsinki; presentations and discussions regarding events and activities …

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Ikonen group receives the 2014 Medix price

On September 22, the research group of Elina Ikonen received the 2014 Medix award for the study revealing a previously unknown transport mechanism of cholesterol. The award of 20 000EUR was given for the best Finnish scientific article published in 2013, from the field of biomedical or clinical research. The award ceremony was part of …

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Lipidien ja proteiinien vuorovaikutus tutkimuksen keskiöön

Lue ProLipids huippuyksiköstä Akatemian A Propos -verkkolehdessä: Linkki 20.8. ilmestyneeseen artikkeliin

PRACE project awarded to Vattulainen group

Researchers of the Vattulainen group have been awarded a Tier-0 project by PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe). The award includes 21,000,000 core-hours of computing time to do simulations on lipid modulation of the toll-like receptor TLR4. The granted resource corresponds to an approximately 700,000 EUR profit-free value. The awarded resources will be used …

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ProLipids Inaugural Symposium was held on May 30, 2014

Our Inaugural Symposium took place in Hanasaari, Espoo. Fifty CoE members were present to enjoy the presentations of our guest speakers: Kai Simons, Ari Helenius, Mark Sansom, Ünal Coskun, Marko Kaksonen and Harald Stenmark; as well as of three ProLipids members, Maarit Hölttä-Vuori, Karol Kaszuba and Hongzhia Zhao. In addition to our scientific programme, the …

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ProLipids kick-off meeting on February 5, 2014

The ProLipids Centre of Excellence was launched in the kick-off event organized in Viikki, Helsinki, on 5 February 2014. All participants had a chance to present their work in short talks, and discussions continued over poster sessions.

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